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NSW Fire Extinguisher Services provide routine maintenance, testing, inspection, rectification and repairs, upgrades, new installs, all electrical, plumbing and carpentry works & proposed fire orders from the NSWFB or local council. Lightweight construction according to council requirements and certification of all essential fire services in residential, commercial and industrial buildings across Sydney metropolitan areas and N.S.W.
NSW Fire Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd provides a 24Hour licence electrician and plumber available to you.

NSW Fire Extinguisher Services can also provide a large comprehensive range of new fire safety products at very competitive prices, ranging from:


• Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets.
• Hydrants and Fire Hose Reels.
• Fire Panels, Mimic Panel and EWIS Systems.
• Hydrostatic Test Panel (Pressure Testing & Refilling of PFE’s).
• Emergency & Exit lights.
• Fire Doors & Fire Rated Frames.
• Drencher & Sprinkler Systems.
• Automatic Smoke/Thermal Detectors & Alarm Systems.
• Penetration work.
• Water System Requirements (Pressure & Flow Statements).
• Signs.
• Evacuation Plans.
• Hydrant Block Plans.
• Fire Safety Training.


NSW Fire Extinguisher Services staff are trained and experienced in design & installation and compliance of your essential fire safety services.
NSW Fire Extinguisher services work in conjunction with Councils, architects, building managers, project managers, and strata managers and are committed to exceeding expectations of customer service and delivering to our clients a reliable and cost effective solution to your essential fire services in accordance with B.C.A (Building Code of Australia), the A.S. (Australian Standards), Local & State regulation and council requirements.
NSW Fire Extinguisher services carry out inspection, maintenance, testing and certification in accordance with A.S. 1851 & the EP&A (Environmental Planning & Assessment Act).





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