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Our staff of NSW fire extinguisher service.
NSW Fire Extinguisher Services staffs are the key part of our service and all have the same goal of striving ‘To provide essential service solutions, whilst exceeding customer service expectations’.

This core value has ultimately made NSW Fire Extinguisher Services a leader in customer service and fire safety solutions.

NSW Fire Extinguisher Services have implemented key points to our staffing;
• Sales & Account managers – The point of contact which remains the same throughout the long-term relationships and knows your site and is there to answer all queries and questions.
• Service & Operation Field Managers – The day to day running and arranging of access, correct technical records and issues communicated back to Sales & Account managers.
• One Multi-skilled fire service technician allocated to your premises who knows the site and who are qualified & experienced in testing all essential fire safety measures in your building.


NSW Fire Extinguisher Services Training.
NSW Fire Extinguisher Services have implemented fire safety & protection courses in house. Our employees are involved in continual training to provide & develop their knowledge within the Fire Industry.
Our continual training consists of;
• First attack fire fighting.
• Fire Alarm Systems and Maintenance.
• Testing of Fire Doors, PFE’S, and Fire Panels.
• Fundamentals of Electricity.
• Fundamentals of Hydraulics.
• Flow testing of Hose Reels, Hydrant Systems and Sprinkler Systems.


NSW Fire Extinguisher Services Insurance.
NSW Fire Extinguisher services have all insurances policies required by law.
Public and Product Liability – $10 million
Workers Compensation – All Staff
Home Owners Warranty – $50,000.00 (or as required)


Occupation Health & Safety (OH&S).
NSW Fire Extinguisher Services are committed to providing a workplace where there safety health and welfare of all employees, visitors and contractors is of the highest importance.

We have implemented an OH&S system and we work constantly towards improving it.

NSW Fire Extinguisher Services policy is:
• To develop and implement OH&S programmes and procedures to ensure that every risk for safety and health in our workplace is identified, then assessed, controlled or eliminated.
• Provide systems of work that are safe to reduce and minimise incidents and the risk of injury to personnel.
• To comply with the legislative requirements of OH&S.
• Constantly improve the management of OH&S by consulting with Government and our employees.
• Have readily available information, instruction and supervision to insure all duties are carried out safely by employees and contractors.
• All visitors to NSW Fire Extinguisher Services workplace be informed and instructed on safety requirements and necessary P.P.E.
• NSW Fire Extinguisher Service supervisors, managers & employees have a duty of care to ensure that these policies are implemented to their daily work practises.





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